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CorreLog Secure Syslog Forwarder

The CorreLog Secure Syslog Forwarder (SSF) is a concentrator and forwarder for Syslog messages. It accepts Syslog messages from hundreds of simultaneous senders using a variety of protocols – IPv4, IPv6, UDP, and TCP – and forwards them securely to the CorreLog Correlation Server, a competitive Syslog console, or even to another copy of SSF.  This extends the life cycle of your software, increases general interoperability of your enterprise software, and promotes a wide variety of accepted standards and specifications. You

Most importantly, the SSF program guarantees verifiable security of your software by implementing advanced and standards based encryption and authentication of your sensitive security data, as well as highly reliable and guaranteed delivery of your log data.

CorreLog Secure Syslog Forwarder (SSF) Use Cases:-


  • Concentrate multiple Syslog senders into a single connection through a corporate firewall, insuring that you do not have to punch multiple holes in your security infrastructure to gather log data, weakening your security.
  • Assure reliable delivery of UDP Syslog messages across a wide area network, demonstrating to auditors that you have received all messages without possibility of data loss due to intermittency.
  • Encrypt sensitive Syslog data across the public Internet. Your security data is completely private, and unhackable by the various malicious users that often target security systems.
  • Authenticate your data sources, to prevent man-in the middle attacks that might disrupt your operations, and preventing spoof attacks or unanticipated changes to your address space and infrastructure.
  • Add IPv6 and TCP support to any Syslog receiver, extending the life cycle of your operations with minimal fuss and cost, and insuring that your security system will not be overtaken by pending major change in the internet address space.
  • Promote a wide variety of verified security standards, hardening your enterprise against unexpected changes in software or security requirements, allowing you to run on multiple "off-road" environments.

The CorreLog Universal Secure Syslog Forwarder is simple to install and integrate, requiring nothing more than a Windows platform. Typical installation of the program can be accomplished in minutes.


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